The QRP E-learning academy helps you assess whether you're ready with studying a specific PRINCE2© element.

  • At the end of each lesson, you can login to the QRP E-learning academy and do the exercises that belong to the lesson you have just studied. The E-learning academy gives you the right answers in case you're wrong and you can contact the E-tutor if something is not clear to you. 
  • After the E-learning questions about the subject you've studied, you're also asked to answer the questions of the Q-Trainer. The Q-Trainer, with  intelligent MemoTechnology™, repeats previously studied subjects and assesses on which subjects you need more or less questions, to make sure you retain what you have studied.

The right balance between new questions and old ones garantuees you'll be well prepared for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam in the minimum time needed.

Try out some of the E-learning questions and the intelligent MemoTechnology™ Q-Trainer by registering on the E-learning website.

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