Distance learning offers new ways of personalizing training and adapting to needs of students. In the case of the PRINCE2© Foundation or Practitioner certification this means that students have the freedom to study in their own pace, when they want, where they want.

In order to guide you through the PRINCE2 manual and safely take the certification exam, the QRP Distance Learning Packages consist of a balanced blend of self-study, e-learning, personal support and printed material.


The Foundation Study Approach is a repeating study cycle of four steps:

  1. Use the Manual to study the relevant chapter covered by each individual Lesson
  2. Log in to the QRP E-learning Academy and complete the online test questions
  3. Complete the questions of the intelligent Memotraining™ Q-Trainer, covering all the previous lessons, where needed
  4. Contact the E-tutor if you have any doubts about the lesson you just covered

After step 4, go back to step 1 for the next lesson. As soon as you are able to produce a consistent 60% pass rate on all the subjects covered, you know you are ready to take the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.


The Practitioner Study Approach is a five step plan, consisting of:

  1. Selfstudy and Practitioner Health Check
  2. Case study based on its QCard scenario
  3. Case study based on its Dominica scenario
  4. 1 paper based APMG mock exam
  5. 1 online APMG mock exam.

If you are able to produce a 60% pass rate on a scenario or mock exam, you know you are ready to go on with the next step. The subjects in the exams and scenario help you focus on the topics to study. As you have also passed the last, online mock exam with a 60% score, you are ready for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

Find out more about our Lead Trainer for QRP’s Distant Learning Packages or on the way you can organise your exams!

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